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DOES THIS WORD EVEN HAVE MEANING ANYMORE? HAS IT LOST IT’S VALUE? 220 MEN, WOMEN & CHILDREN BUTCHERED. Damascus (Daraya): Aug 25, 2012 - We use the word massacre everyday in Syria. We don’t use it to ‘shock’ people, to try and get their attention … we use the word because that is exactly what is happening.

However the word has lost it’s value. One a day where 440+ people were killed by Assad’s forces across Syria (the highest single day death toll since the revolution began) the news reports have no alarm in their tone … it’s ‘business as usual’ … ’ X number of people were murdered by Assad in Syria today … move on’. 

No condemnations from Arab governments. No mourning for fellow brothers and sisters … sons and daughters. 

Here we can see Assad’s forces entering the town preparing for the massacre (video here)

Tanks begin to shell their way in before the ground forces, militia and thugs move in to go house to house. (video here)

Of course, Al Dunia TV is on hand to conduct interviews both before and after the massacre (video here)

Finally the all too familiar video … the mass burial. (video here)

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